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Kenneth Amaeshi is a leading scholar on sustainable business and finance in the global south. He is the Chair in Business and Sustainable Development and Director Scaling Business in Africa at the University of Edinburgh. He also holds a Chair in Sustainable Finance and Governance at the School of Transnational Governance, European University Institute, Florence, Italy. 

Kenneth's research interest currently focuses on financial market reforms and governance, as well as on sector-level policies for sustainability and sustainability strategy in organisations. He has an expert level knowledge of developing and emerging economies. His research has a very strong interface between business and society, particularly national governments in Africa, where he has an extensive network. Since 2015, he has significantly contributed to developing the intellectual foundations of Africapitalism – an economic philosophy for the development of Africa – and championed its mainstreaming in the global academia. 

Besides teaching and researching, Kenneth works closely with businesses and governments in Africa, Europe, and Asia. He leads executive capacity building engagements and consultancy projects in the broad areas of sustainable finance, sustainability strategy, leadership, ethics, and governance for multinational corporations and institutions. He was recently a Scholar in Residence at the National Pension Commission, Nigeria.

Upcoming Events


"As a seasoned speaker, Kenneth is an expert in teaching and chairing discussions in various formats  from international conferences to workshop events with executives and governments."


Amaka Onyemelukwe (Director of Public Affairs, Communication and Sustainability, The Coca Cola Company)

Developing a Successful Career as a Black Academic in the UK 

The two-day webinar provided critical perspectives on important issues for black academics.

This virtual event was co-hosted by the Scaling Business in Africa (SBIA) Consortium at the University of Edinburgh and Knowledge Bridge.

Kenneth chaired many of the Sessions and shared his insights. 

ESG Exchange
Episode 1 

ESG Exchange brings together a range of CMS lawyers and experts to discuss the real world implications of ESG in 30 minute episodes. 

The weekly videocast was launched with Kenneth as a keynote speaker on Mindset, opportunity and culture: an introduction to ESG.

Africa Innovate Conference: Opening Discussion 

Africa Innovate online conference and hackathon offered a diverse programme of engagement between students (aged 18+), makers, educators, researchers, entrepreneurs, and industry experts to exchange knowledge and develop innovative solutions for sustainable development in Africa. 

Kenneth led the opening  discussion. 

Meeting The Needs of Present & Future Generations Through Sustainable Financing

AVPA and Responsible Business Consulting hosted the first Sustainable Financing Webinar titled Meeting The Needs of Present & Future Generations Through Sustainable Financing.


Kenneth was a speaker and shared his expertise with the attendees during the lively discussions. 

"Africapitalism thinks about progress, but also inclusion, place and belonging, and impact. It is a discursive approach to development - an idea that can be used to rethink our relationship with Capitalism - in Africa and globally"

- Professor Kenneth Amaeshi

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